Zvi and Ariane Leonhard started their life together in 1976 in California. After fifteen years of marriage, they left the more laid back lifestyle of small Californian towns to join the fast lane hustle and bustle of Long Island, NY. During all those years, they raised two sons while paying the bills and continually exploring and digging into the ancient soil of their Hebraic roots, searching for the bedrock upon which to build their spiritual house. This quest fuelled an appetite for returning to the Land of their forefathers. Their dream was finally fulfilled in 2009, when they made “Aliyah” along with Gabriel, one of their sons  and his growing family. 

Since then, they have been residing in Arad, a small town overlooking the Salt Sea. Zvi is able to pursue his dream as an artist, painting in his Studio/Art Gallery while Ariane follows her passion to study Torah.

They are also the proud grandparents of six grandchildren, four in Jerusalem and two in Paris.